Magazine No. 43: Athens

The final issue of uncube magazine, published online at

Context has always been our watchword at uncube, so in this introduction to our Athenian issue we haven’t picked out shiny architectural highlights so much as highlighted some sites that set the scene for our particular focus on a contemporary Athens beyond “tragedy” and “crisis”. A place where Athenians are doing it for themselves.

Still going strong at 3,400 years of age, Athens’ story is a marathon tale of struggle and solution. Its recent history alone includes revolution, occupation, economic miracle, military juntas, tourist influx, the Olympics, #occupations and more. The outward-facing side of the city has always co-existed with political upheaval – referendums, dictatorship, internal and external migration, all of which has shaped and reshaped its map. Over the years, large infrastructural projects have attempted to join up the points and reconcile these two sides of the city, providing services to the general population that are enjoyed by visiting tourists. When these fail, it is Athenians themselves who step in to bridge the gaps.

Our little tour shows a city where the built environment manifests its multiple layers of history more clearly than most. So welcome to Athens, let’s go sightseeing…

The final issue of uncube magazine, published online at

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