Taking Part: Eva Sajovic, Gemma-Rose Turnbull, D. Wiafe, and Wright & Vandame

Published on Photomonitor.co.uk.

Exhibition review of Taking Part group show displayed at Photofusion in Brixton February-March 2018.

“Community is such a complex word. At once suggestive of both inclusion and exclusion; used by housing activists and property developers alike, it’s almost impossible to pin down and its meaning varies widely (even violently) from one individual to the next.
The idea of community in photography is similarly fraught with difficulty.  The idea of capturing the perpetually fluid notion of a group of people living in a particular environment (typically urban) often raises issues around voyeurism and, again, exclusion. Who represents the aesthetic idea of a place? What is left out? And how does the gaze of the photographer dilute the complexities of quotidian life into a frame?…”
Published on Photomonitor.co.uk.




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