Tomorrow’s Homes, Today: How Should Domestic Space Be Rethought for the 21st Century?

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“‘I think the big difference between the 1950s and ’60s and now is that then they imagined the future would look like the future,’ says, Justin McGuirk, chief curator at London’s Design Museum and co-curator, with Eszter Steierhoffer, of its forthcoming ‘Home Futures’ exhibition, which opens in November. ‘Our present looks more like the 1950s than anything. We’ve all got Eames furniture or Scandinavian modernism.’ ‘Home Futures’ will be the latest in a loose series of architecture exhibitions from the last few years that attempt to display and provoke radical thinking on the contemporary home which, if the Ideal Home Show is any barometer, is vitally necessary from an aesthetic, as well as a social and economic perspective…”

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