A Modernist Shopping Mall Is Reborn as an Exuberant Museum in Helsinki

Originally published on metropolismag.com


The new bubble-like home for the Amos Rex museum features futuristic subterranean galleries designed by local firm JKMM Architects.

“Helsinki is very much like an Emmental cheese,” says Kai Kartio, the head of the Amos Rex art museum in the Finnish capital. “It’s full of holes.”

In keeping with the Helsinkian practice of burrowing (the city has one of the most extensive underground tunnel networks in the world), local firm JKMM Architects scooped out dramatic, subterranean galleries beneath the Lasipalatsi, a Modernist shopping mall, to convert the historic structure into a new museum, which welcomes its first visitors Wednesday…

Originally published on metropolismag.com

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