Future Architecture: connective thinking in a time of political fragmentation

Originally published on Domusweb.it

This European-wide network of institutions invites young practitioners simply to propose ideas for the future of architecture. It is the naivety of its mission and its instigation of cross-continental connections that is the platform’s success.

What is the Future Architecture platform? “The Eurovision song contest for architecture”? “An optimistic place to think about architecture”? “A form of diplomacy?” “A talent scouting wedding market for cultural institutions”? “A once in a liftetime opportunity”?

Each of these is more or less true. As described by Future Architecture members, advisors and participants, the platform is a complex, often unwieldy, in many ways undefinable entity. In its simplest terms, it is an EU-funded network comprised of 21 members from 16 European countries and an annual intake of international participants – emerging creative practitioners in architecture, urbanism and the wider built environment. The members are architecture institutions from across Europe, ranging from well-established stalwarts such as the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel, the MAXXI in Rome or the Oslo Architecture Triennale, to newer independent galleries and festivals such as Viper in Prague or the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, which has its first edition in 2018…

Originally published on Domusweb.it

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