Metropolis’s 8 Highlights from London Design Festival 2019

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Fall is upon us, which means London is back to work, back to school, and back to exhibiting cutting-edge design work. The 17th edition of London Design Festival (LDF) sprung into action last Friday at its hub, the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, launching a dizzying array of exhibitions, installations, talks, and workshops across the rest of the city. Unlike other festivals and biennials that have proliferated around the world, LDF avoids setting a particular theme, which in turn generates an eclectic body of work that varies in content (and, it should be said, quality). This year, the festival’s scope encompassed works dealing with topics including anarchist posters, vegan wool, public toilets, Mardi Gras Indians, ocean plastic, and more. Metropolis scoured the city from the high design to the lo-fi, coming up with these eight highlights from the 2019 festivities…

Originally published on

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