After the Economic Crisis, Athens’ Tight-knit Zine Scene Flourishes

Originally published on AIGA Eye on Design

Set back from the street and nestled in the corner of a central Athenian stoa (a covered arcade), Fotagogos can be hard to track down. “If you find me once, then you will find me again,” quips Julia Tsiakiris, founder of the shop-cum-gallery and its parent publishing house, To Rodakió. With its packed shelves and jumbled piles, half of Fotogagos has the comforting cluttered feel of an independent bookshop. The other half is a bit more organized. A photo exhibition lines one wall and a broad table occupies most of the space, its surface filled with neatly piled magazines. These aren’t the latest issues of Vogue, GQ and Good Housekeeping, or even Frieze or 032C. Instead, you’ll find Nomas, Kennedy, South, Taverna, Humba!, φρμκ, ΟΡΜΗ, and more. Disparate in their topics, the size of their pages, the textures of their covers and even the languages of their content, these titles are nonetheless united by their home city of Athens…

Originally published on AIGA Eye on Design

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