Open House Worldwide Festival

As the coordinator of Open House Worldwide (OHWW) I led on the production and curation of the first OHWW festival, a non-stop 48 hour digital broadcast held in November 2020. This involved working with over 40 Open House (OH) organisations across the globe – from Seoul to Santiago, Lagos to London – to produce events, talks, tours and other programmes covering the most pressing issues in architecture and design.

Highlights included a discussion on gender and cities hosted by OH Lagos, a live bicycle tour of the City hosted by OH London, a debate on architecture, young people and the climate crisis hosted by OH Dublin, a roundtable on social justice and the city hosted by OH New York. In addition to hosting the opening and closing events, I moderated a discussion on Lina Bo Bardi and public space with Jane Hall of Assemble and Francesco Perrotta-Bosch and produced a “slow TV” walk in an Athenian park.

The role also involved commissioning a new graphic identity and website for Open House Worldwide.

This project would not have been possible without the Open House teams from around the world. In particular David Jablonski, Elis Shin, Iris Kaltenegger, Esther Baur, Ignacio Queraltó and the team at Open House London: Phin Harper, Zoe Cave and Rhea Martin.

The festival was picked as one of Dezeen’s Top 10 design events of 2020.

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