AHMM’s Refined Residential Complex in London Offers an Alternative to Cookie-Cutter Development

Originally published on Metropolismag.com

The Stirling Prize–winning firm and the developer Solidspace reinvent the mansion block in South London, but questions remain over affordability in the city.


“Looking up at their newly completed project in Southwark, London, architect Simon Allford—the A in AHMM—and Roger Zogolovitch—formerly the Z in CZWG; currently the creative director of the developer Solidspace—finish each other’s sentences.

This architect-developer collaboration is dense with ideas for housing and a passion for a better London. Crucially, Zogolovitch is no ordinary developer. As laid out in his 2015 polemic book Shouldn’t We All be Developers?, he has been advocating for a different approach to development, one that addresses the far-reaching failures of developers to provide adequate housing and the rapidly diminishing trust of both the public and local authorities. “It’s a shame because the independent developer can bring new ideas and imagination and innovation into housing which desperately needs it,” he explains…”

Originally published on Metropolismag.com

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