Architect Peter Barber Is Reinventing London’s Housing

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Barber, the subject of a recent exhibition at the London Design Museum, is creating practical and fantastical solutions for the city’s housing crisis.

Of all the architecture studios in London, none reflect the workings of the practice inside quite so much as Peter Barber’s. Nestled in a Victorian terrace to the east of Kings Cross station, it’s a former printworks with street-facing glazing whose ground floor reception room is a wild jumble of models, sketches, photos, and drawings. Plaster cast streetscapes hang from the wall, jostling with ballpoint scrawls of imagined cities and stacks of Styrofoam housing models encased in transparent boxes—a couple of which are marked with yellow Post-its. The 10-person studio is full of character and ideas, down to earth and open to the city around it. The same goes for its creator, Peter Barber, who towers into the room from a tight, creaking staircase…

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