Kids in Minsk are designing their own avant-garde homes. Now they’ve published a book

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Varvara Bolenkova’s house is made from wood, glass, and metal and has a mosaic-like facade. Nestled into the nearby forest, it features a ground floor swimming pool that is fed by an adjacent waterfall. Its living rooms are contained within a raised first floor, beneath a roof that is open all year except during winter. “You have never seen a house like this before,” says the Belarusian architect, who is five years old. “It’s a nice place to relax when you are on school vacation or a trip with your parents.”

Colourful Pool House, Bolenkova’s creation, is one among dozens of projects created by the students of Minsk’s Architectural Thinking School for Children and featured in HOUSEDOMDOM, the first publication produced by the school’s directors Elena Karpilova and Alexander Novikov since its founding in 2016…

 Originally published on

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